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You will get the same customized Training Program provided to you in the comfort of your home or facility. You can be sure that you will be challenged and fully satisfied with a home program designed to challange you to a higher fitness level and to help meet your needs and goals.

Stability Strength & Power



Survivor Strong Training  Program 



In developing this program I was undergoing treatments for Breast Cancer. Being a fitness guru for many years it gave me the idea to find ways to challenge my body so that I could recover quickly after treatments. It then became a way of life for me as I grew stronger, healthier and more confident in the transformation of my physical and mental well being.


Survivor strong is not just about the physical exercise or diet guidance or even about illnesses. Its about pushing through the mental challenges that prevent our bodies from developing that physical change we are looking to successfully accomplish while at the same time creating a healthy internal power to supplement our ability to practice as a life long goal.


Survivor strong is not limited to Cancer Survivors. This program is designed to safely challenge and motivate anyone struggling with obesity, depression, debilitating illnesses and injuries, or anything that may be  preventing one from participating in physical activity.


Built on an Integrated Training program to address an individuals functional and structural capacity. This approach will combine all the components necessary to help achieve optimum performance in your daily life.


Progression is the focus as you will be monitored and instructed to successfully challenge your mind and body in ways you never thought possible. 



Integrated Training will include:

  • Flexibility

  • Core Balance

  • Cardio Conditioning

  • Calisthenics 

  • Strength & Conditioning 

  • Speed Agility and Quickness

  • Resistance Weight Training


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My Transformation

I have spent most of my life being active and health conscious. I ran track, played sports and worked within the fitness industry for many years on and off. There was no doubt that health and fitness were a part of my life. However, as a mother of three teenagers, wife, entrepreneur and caretaker for my mother, I had realized that I became less active and devoted less attention to my health. In fact, my health became high risk after gaining 40 pounds during a stressful time in my life. I began experiencing several health complications which ultimately lead me to a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. During my intense treatments, I put on and an additional 40 pounds (totaling 80 lbs), and by the time I was done I no longer recognized myself. I knew exactly what I needed to do to physically regain my strength and health back and did my very best to research and develop various holistic remedies to cure myself. However, the more intense my treatments were the more depressed I became and the less motivation I had. At this point I desperately needed some help transforming my life and creating new health and fitness goals.


 I met my Holistic Health Coach on one of my walking paths shorty after my last radiation treatment and the timing could not have been more perfect. I knew that it wasn't going to be easy as I had to battle through many obstacles. He took his time, observed and studied my case very carefully. He pushed me and stood firm on not allowing me to make excuses. He prescribed me an effective program that included exercise, detoxing, and a long-term daily diet plan that would also include anti-cancer/disease fighting nutrition.


One year later I weighed in 80 pounds less and I am now more than just a cancer survivor. I am health advocate with a balanced life and onto a new mission. I could not have imagined getting here this quickly without the help of High Health LLC. founder, Judah Clarke. His methodologies behind Holistic Health and Fitness are truly unique and masterful. He has taught me many ways in taking my transformation to different levels, as well as perfecting my health goals and keeping myself cancer free for life.


Presently I am a re-certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach completely inspired by my High Health Transformation, and the development of my Survivor Strong Training Program. I am now working as a transformation and nutrition coach. My goal as a professional and as an athlete is to advocate Wellness by effectively developing a long-term program for individuals who struggle to achieve optimal fitness and health on their own and to also create a vision of longevity.